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The Market is on The Grove Plaza, at the intersection of

8th and Main Streets (827 W. Main Street).

  • The Capitol & Front Garage is right underneath the Market, accessed through Idaho Central Arena.  More info here.

  • The Wells Fargo CENTER Garage is also Underneath Us: More info here.

  • Park BOI runs several Downtown Parking Garages: First hour is free, then $3/hour.  Find maps and more information here.

  • Street Parking: Depending on which Zone you park in, Saturday meters run between 0-50 cents an hour.  More info and a complete Zone Map here.

Alternative Transportation

  • Public Transportation: There are several buses that run on Saturday, with the Main Street Station hub being just a few steps away from the Market. Plan your trip here.

  • Walking: the grid system of Boise's downtown street layout makes it easy to navigate from hotels and nearby homes.  Take a leisurely Saturday morning stroll and enjoy the views!

Boise bike lanes map.jpeg
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