Capital City Public Market

Est. in Boise 1994

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The Capital City Public Market believes in growing a sustainable local food system and thriving local economy. Through the exchange of goods and services, locals or out-of-town visitors get to enjoy a positive atmosphere

The Market generates millions of dollars for the local economy and helps independent, seasonal micro-businesses grow and develop their client base. We help these local business owners by providing technical help, free weekly advertising, merchandising training and marketing assistance.



What is now The Capital City Public Market started out in 1994 as an open market on 8th Street in downtown Boise. It was founded to mirror the success of other markets throughout the region and at the time, was the only farmers’ market of its kind in Boise or the surrounding area. During its first year, the Market had one employee and about 10 vendors.


In the two decades since, The Capital City Public Market has grown steadily, expanding its footprint and adding vendors each year. The Market now consists of 130+ vendors a day during the peak season, and fills Idaho Street and 8th Street with thousands of shoppers every week.


Why Buy Local Produce?

Purchasing directly from Treasure Valley farmers helps support and strengthen the community, protect our land, & conserve fuel.


Restoring the balance of local versus long-distance food is healthy for our communities, our farms, our land and ourselves.