Market Rules Regarding Dogs

CCPM operates on a public street where dogs are welcome  However, due to incidences including dog-on-dog aggression, dog-on-person aggression, dogs defecating on the market footprint and dogs contaminating food products, CCPM is implementing the following rules to help maintain the health and safety of the market for all shoppers and vendors:
  1. The Market is a human shopping experience, not a time for dog socialization or dog play time.

  2. Dogs must be kept on a short leash, by your side and under control at all times.

  3. Keep your dog away from produce, plants and other food products.

  4. There is zero tolerance for dog-on-dog, dog-on-people aggression.  If your dog is not well socialized, please don’t bring them to the market.  If you don’t know how they will respond to the market, please leave them at home.

  5. Come prepared to clean up after your dog.  If you forget, poop bags are available at the Information Booth.

  6. For vendors who display No Dog Allowed signs, please follow their request and do not permit your dog to go into their booth space.

  7. Service dogs are welcome.

If your dog causes a problem at the market, don’t be surprised if someone talks with you about the situations and/or asks you to leave the market footprint with your dog.  

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